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"FunkShop" is designed for smaller groups/combos, up to 10 musicians.  keyboardists, guitarists, bassists, horn players, drummers and vocalists are formed into a funk/rock/pop unit.  Joe uses innovative methods of groups training including Tai Chi Breathing Exercises vocal and timing training, djembe drums and instant composition.  All musicians must ahve a good understanding of rhythm and timing to function effectively and unselfishly in a group.  We must all learn to memorize and take music to our hearts.  The concewpt of "GROUP" is foremost.  Several original songs are constructed.  All songs are learned to memory by "ear".  This is a lost technique in educational curriculums but very important in popular funkt & pop musici performance genres.  Only after songs are learned and memorized perfectly are they written down for doumentation. The workshop ends in a performace of the original works in a "live performace setting".

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