The Stairway Project/Puerta Galera, Phillipines 2-15 March 2019

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Stairway Foundation
RSME Workshop 4-8 March 2019

Joe's RSME was invited by The Stairway Foundation ( to conduct 11 Workshops with local school children (30-35 children per group) coordinated by Stairway Foundation.  The final 11th workshop (50+ participants) was conducted with the Stairway Kids and staff.  It was truly a amazing week.  Don Glasgo, (Dartmouth College) assisted Joe in delivering a truly rewarding week of activities.  Monica Ray & Lars Jorgensen (Stairway's founders) exposed Joe & RSME to vital and important work they've been doing now for 30+ years.  RSME will strive to share this experience with the world and are making plans now to return next year to continue our experience with the Stairway kids and the children of Puerta Galera Mindoro and Manila.  Thank you Monica, Lars & Stairway for this eye-opening and fulfilling experience.

Stairway Foundation Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government child care organization located in Puerto Galera, in the island of Oriental Mindoro. It was established in 1990 by Lars C. Jorgensen and Monica D. Ray as an alternative program for the most marginalized and endangered streetchildren in the Philippines.