Drummer KJ Dave Doran is teaming up with funk legend „ "Mr. DEFUNKT“ Joseph Bowie.

Joseph brings the funk energy into the music of XL-TARGET. This makes the music more explosive and challenging. He interweaves his trombone playing and his vocals into the experimental jungle drum tracks of KJ Dave and blends in with the avant-garde jazz guitar tracks of Christy Doran.

A new funky jungle-jazz mixture with ambient and breakbeat influences. A new kind of "urbane groovy future music".

The genre constraints are abrogated and fused into driving tracks, with up-tempo beats. A full package of energy and rhythm - at the time the coolest LIVE jungle-jazz sound of the moveToGroove scene.


Dave's bio, drums :


KJ Dave Doran's life has been dominated by music since childhood. Son of an Irish ballad singer and a Swiss mother, KJ Dave proved his musical talent and creativity as a drummer already at age 16 giving a convincing performance at the Open Air Festival in Augst, Switzerland. At that time, his talent won him a grant at the Jazz school in Berne. KJ Dave's first band KIOL, featuring his sister Brigeen Doran, Heinz Affolter, Raoul Walton and Fernando Saunders, soon attracted wide attention beyond Switzerland. The release of two albums, Take it on (1979) and Sunny Day (1980), documents the musical work of this formation. Around the same time, KJ Dave also met the successful New York based bassist Fernando Saunders. Their intense co-operation on bass and drum successfully combined American and Irish influences. Tours through Germany and Switzerland as well as concerts at the Jazz Festivals of Berlin and Belgrade (1982) were to follow.


KJ Dave's co-operation with brother Christy Doran resulted in the release of a new album Antenna Out. Through extensive studies at the New York based Drummer Collective School under the protection of Alex Acuna and Lenny White, KJ Dave Doran greatly improved and refined his playing.


The formation KIOL played as the opening act on Billy Cobham's Glass Menagerie tour (1983).


The year 1984 saw KJ Dave Doran's first performance at the well-known Jazz Festival in Willisau, Switzerland.


The tone of the following years is set by various trios featuring Jasper Van't Hof, Peter Ponger, Christy Doran and others. One of the particularly outstanding projects during this time was the May 84 Project with Dom Um Romao, Norma Winston, Rosko Gee, Urs Leimgruber, Trilok Gurtu and Christy Doran. The live album MAY 84 documents the outstanding formation.


In 1986 KJ Dave toured former East Germany with his band Doran, Cook & Miller. The band's members were: Brigeen Doran, Mark Koch and Fredy Miller. A rather unique project was the Doran Band, formed by KJ Dave's sister Brigeen, his brother Christy and Fredy Miller.

This formation was awarded a music grant of the City and Canton of Lucerne which led to the recording of the album Jazzrap (1991) with Fernando Saunders on bass, Benny Diggs, vocals, and Michael Bearden on Keyboards.

The following USA tour with concerts, among others, in the Middle East Club in Boston and the Knitting Factory in New York City was supported by the Swiss Culture Foundation Pro Helvetia.

Christy's bio, electric & acoustic guitar


Christy Doran was born in Dublin, Ireland and has lived in Lucerne, Switzerland since his childhood. His father was an Irish ballad singer, providing Christy with his first exposure to music.


In the 1970´s he was a founding member (along with Fredy Studer, Urs Leimgruber and Bobby Burri) of the seminal Swiss band "OM". Tours throughout Europe, radio/TV - appearances, workshops, music for ballet, theatre and film. Over the years, his career has included countless solo concerts, in which he regularly pushes to the limits the capabilities of a single guitar. He has played in duos with Marty Ehrlich, Harry Pepl, Fritz Hauser, Dave Doran, Dom Um Romao, John Wolf-Brennan, Robert Dick, Ray Anderson, among others. After playing in a trio with Jasper van´t Hof, he went on to form the "Christy Doran´s May 84" septet with Norma Winstone, Trilok Gurtu, Urs Leimgruber, Rosko Gee, Dom Um Romao and Dave Doran. He has been a member of the "Peter Warren Quartet" with Victor Lewis and John Surman, and "RED TWIST & TUNED ARROW" with Stephan Wittwer and Fredy Studer (1985 - 1987).


Christy Doran was also a co-founder of "Doran/Studer/Burri/Magnenat," (later "Doran/Studer/Gerber/Magnenat") and member of a quartet with Bobby Previte, Mark Helias and Gary Thomas. He played in a trio with Marilyn Mazur and Kim Clarke, as well as with Sibylle Pomorin´s "Augeries of Speed" meeting Terry Jenour, Annie Whitehead, Kim Clarke, Herb Robertson, Kamal Sabir. As a member of Urs Leimgruber´s "Ensemble Bleu" he also played with Francoise Kubler, Louis Sclavis, Hans Koch.


Other performances have included work with Carla Bley, Albert Mangelsdorff, Bob Stewart, Edvard Vesala, Charlie Mariano, Manfred Schoof, Iréne Schweizer, Aldo Romano, Piérre Favre, Peter Schärli, Glenn Ferris, Wolfgang Dauner, Fernando Sounders, Heiri Känzig, Julio Barreto, Sonny Sharrock, Jim Meneses, Keven Bruce Harris, Martin Schütz, Daniel Mouton, Ronan Guilfoyle, Marc Peterson, Burhan Oecal, Werner Lüdi, Christoph Baumann, Lars Lindvall, Mark Halbheer, Urs Blöchlinger, Günter Müller, Lauren Newton, Tim Berne, Jim Black, Gunther Schuller, Airto Moreira a.o. He has toured in Europe, North-Africa, India, the Caribic, Mexico, Bolivia, the U.S. and Canada.


1989 began a collaboration with trombonist Ray Anderson, which lead to the trio ANDERSON/BENNINK/DORAN (including drummer Han Bennink), which disbanded 1997.


1993 Christy Doran, together with Fredy Studer started the project "DORAN/STUDER/MINTON/BATES & ALI" play the music of JIMI HENDRIX". 1994 Django Bates was replaced by cellist Tom Cora. 1995/96 the band played in quartet with Phil Minton, Amin Ali, Fredy Studer and Christy Doran. Tours with this band throughout Europe, Scandinavia, , the US and Canada.


Since 1993 Christy Doran is working with American flutist Robert Dick and English drummer Steve Argüelles as the A.D.D. - Trio. 1994 Fredy Studer and Christy Doran refounded the double-bass - quartet with Jean-François Jenny-Clark (acoustic bass/Paris) and Jamaaladeen Tacuma (electric bass/Philadelphia).


1994 Swedish saxofonist Thomas Jàderlund invited Doran to play in the "Amazing Orchestra" (with Guy Klucevsek, Stein-Erik Tafjord, Svante Henryson, Tomasz Stanko, and Jonny Axelsson). A new collaboration with Albert Mangelsdorff, Bruno Spoerri and Reto Weber started 1997.


Recordings have included those with Hank Roberts, Joe McPhee, Corin Curschellas, Hardy Hepp, Helmut Zerlett, Iréne Lorenz, Boris Salchak, besides several recordings with musicians mentioned above.


Christy Doran´s current groups include "Christy Doran´s New Bag" (founded Dec. 97) with vocalist Bruno Amstad, Wolfgang Zwiauer on electric bass, and Fabian Kurattli on drums. the A.D.D. trio, and "Spöerri-Doran-Weber" with Albert Mangelsdorff.


Christy Doran also teaches at the "Musikhochschule" of Lucerne/Switzerland.

2015 : 05 March, Zürich (CH) - Jazz Club Moods
07 March, Thun(CH) - Cafe Bar Mokka
2014 : 16 January, Ludwigshafen an Rhein (D) - Das Haus
17 January, Desden (D) - Tonne Jazz Club 18 January, Straubing (D) - JazzClub
20 March, Dortmund (BRD) - Domicil tbc
21 March, Bremen (BRD) - Kito
2013 : 01 March 2013 Ried im Innkreis (A), Kik 02 March 2013 Neuburg (BRD), Jazzclub Birdland 03 March 2013 Chur (CH), Kulturbar Werkstatt 04 March 2013 Zurich (CH), Moods Extra Tour Dates 2013 : 26 September, Aarau (CH) - Kiff
27 September, Wien (A) - Porgy & Bess
28 September, Voelkermart (A) - Location Zoom
10 October, Luzern (CH) - Bar59
11 October, Feldafing (BDR) - Jazz am See
12 October, Stainach (A) - CCW 06 December, Dresden (BRD) - JC Tonne
07 December, , Altenburg (BRD) - JazzClub

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