Over 15 years, Joseph Bowie has developed music workshops designed for Music Schools, Cultural Centers and Resident Orchestras and/or Big bands. He merged his experiences from previous workshops and designed curriculums to work in a variety of situations and budgets.  Educational Institutions hosting Joseph's Workshops are:  Hochschule Luzern (HSLU), Director Haemi Hammerli (Luzern, Switzerland).  Joe has returned each year for the past 12 years to conduct "FunkShop".  He worked with Banlieu Bleues (Cultural Association of Paris, France),   Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin, Germany), Curator Jean-Paul Bourelly, with Sigi Figl, Prof. Graz Conservatorium-Austria, at Dartmouth College, New Hamshire  USA, with Don Glasgo, Director of the Barbary Coast Ensemble where Joe has conducted several FunkShops and Big Band Funk Residencies since 2003.  In 2012, Most recently Joe conducted his Defunkt Big Band residency with the Music School Luzern with a performance at the Stansmusiktage in Stans, Switzerland.




Don Glasgo, Director Barbary Coase Jazz Ensemble

"The Defunkt Big Band Workshops" led by Joseph were some of the most intense and enjoyable musical experiencs I've had with the Jazz Ensemble at Dartmouth college over the past 28 years.  The workshops were highly professional, extremely rewarding, and truly inspiring for the students involved:  they learned an enormous amount about rhythm and funk during that week, lessons which they never forgot!  I'm vey much looking forward to have Joseph back again next year, and I would highly recommend this very special brand of Big Band Funk to any jazz ensemble program in the world.

Jean-Paul Bourelly, Artistic Director/Backroom/HKW Berlin, Germany

Working with Joe Bowie and Defunkt for our Backroom workshop at Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin was an honor.  The level of musicianship and commitment from the ensemble made the two concerts a great success. On top of the obvious musical contribution Joe Bowie is a very humble and gracious personality to work with, sharing a lot of himself tirelessly with the younger mjsicians.  That made the whole week a complete pleasure.  "Five Stars"!!"

Mag. Raoul Herget, Head of the Conservatory J.M. Hauer-Konservatorium and Musikschule der Stadt Wiener Neustadt

Re:  Mr. Joseph Bowie perfroming with the faculty band of the Josef Matthias Hauser Conservatory, Wiener neustadt, Austria.  We hereby want to express our thanks to Mr. Joseh Bowie for his great contribution to our teaching work at the Jazz department of the Josef Matthias Hauser Conservatory.  In a very inspiring concert at the Stadttheater Wiener Neustadt on 26 October 2002 with the faculty band of our Conservatory, he gave deep insights into his musical skills and dedication to his work.  Since a student big band performed within the same concert, Mr. Bowie's appearance has to be seen as a great influence to further their musical careers.

Christel Deslis (Banlieu Bleues St. Denis), Paris France - Workshop department

Joe Bowie conducted two workshops for our festival - Banlieu bleues, "Jazz en Seine St. Denis" in 2000.  He conducted one 3-hour master class in a music school of the district (Seine St. Denis) with 15 non-professional musicians, from 25-40 years old.  Joe insisted on working on rhythm...the singing and interpretation.  The students discovered a different way of practicing and understanding the mjsic.  We appreciated a lot the very pedagogic and professional teaching of Joe Bowie.  the master class improved the students in believing in themselves and in asserting themselves to their practice.  Joe has been also in charge of a bigger workshop, for a special event, "La Carnavalcade", a big parade organized in St. Denis to celebrate the millenium.  Joe bowie directed the "Brass Fantasy" project, including 40 non professional musicians from 12-40 years old coming from the district Seine St. Denis.  The repetoire of "Brass Fantasy"  was adapted to the participants including improvising with the ensemble.  the purpose was "how to play mjsic using the energy and the quality of a collective"...a  "GROUP".  The amateurs worked under the dierecton of Joe Bowie and along the professional musicians of Brass Fantasy.  On their sides, they discovered a new vision of their instruments, breaking from their theoretic knowledge, liberating themselves.  This amazingly successful experience created the " Banlieu Bleues Fanfare". Many of the Joe's workshop participants were involved in the parade.

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