DEFUNKT Millennium Downtown the 80' nEU Soul

This punk-funk-jazz unit born in 1978 in New York City merged avant-garde with rocking, funky grooves. Over this period the band made 15 recordings on various independent labels and traveled throughout the world sharing the stage with countless numbers of popular artists including James Brown, David Byrne and Talking Heads, The Clash, Hans & Candy Dulfer, Isaac Hayes, Prince, Larry Graham, Michelle N’dChello, Maceo Parker and countless others.

Defunkt is the first band to make a real fusion of popular and extreme music styles, also pioneers in early stages of rap music in the early 80’s. The band uncharacteristically has from the beginning performed at Jazz Festivals as well as Rock & Soul venues throughout the world, gaining cult like respect from musicians and underground music aficionados worldwide.

Defunkt never gained huge commercial success due to unwillingness to compromise creativity and musical uniqueness and integrity for popular acclaim. The message of Defunkt has always been intended to be a “light” for the people in darkness, not a sedative for world sickness. The lyrics have always remained provocative and thought inspiring. Even in the ‘dark ages’ of Defunkt while struggling with drug addiction, lyrics focused on political awareness and issues of human suffering, perhaps making this musical blend unattractive to major record labels.


As the musical journey progressed and Buddhism entered the consciousness of Defunkt, the focus on community issues, family & humanity struggles, have become more of a priority than ever. The focus and uniqueness of this powerful, groovy Defunkt style of music has continued to grow and evolve in spite of the lack of wide commercial success. This was a blessing in disguise, because we were able to stay grounded and connected to the realities of the humanity of all people. This fact allowed us to mature to an amazing musical and spiritual level.

Defunkt is intent on composing and performing with great integrity, while keeping an open communication with reality and all humanity. We draw energy and inspiration from the experiences of all people, especially the children, who are responsible for the care of our future. We want to encourage learning and creativity as well as spiritual development which will nourish our nature of compassion which is vital in the understanding we must obtain to live together in the world, free from war, hate and destruction.

The music of Defunkt is a medicine for the suffering humanity, a pathway for the funky emancipation of your soul, and a mirror to expose your emons of insecurity. Open your eyes and ears and this burning fire of sound will help you get moving on the way to a fulfilling and positive life. Make Humanity a Priority.

Now, entering 2013 Defunkt celebrates its 33 year birthday with 4 different flavors.


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